Eating to Drop Fat

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Jeff asks: He is 5’9″ 189lbs and 54 years old. He wants to drop fat while putting on size and strength. He does not do cardio and he lifts weight 4 times a week.

Jeff-First we need to decide which goal we would like to address first. Leaning out and putting on size and strength are contradictory towards one another. My suggestion would be to first lean out. To do this stick to a lowish carb paleo approach, choosing veggies as our main carbohydrate source and some sweet potatoes or yams post workout. Make sure you are getting 1g per pound of bodyweight of quality proteins from grass-fed meats and fish. Once desired leaness is achieved we can do some tinkering to the diet to help increase mass and strength. A gallon of grass-fed raw milk per day if dairy is well tolerated can help. There is always a give and take with this. Dairy is high in insulin-like growth factor which makes it easier to pack on muscle. The downside is it also can lead to the growth of abnormal cells and increase our risk for developing cancer in the long run. Another option is once leaness is achieved is just to eat a ton of food. There are recipes for 1,000 calorie meals out there with all paleo foods. This is my ideal recommendation to people because it can have just as big of an upside without the potential negative consequences.

As for the training. To lean out I would add in 3 days of glycolytic exercise. This is high intense exercise that after 10-15 minutes you feel like absolute death. The other 2 days do some compound lifts such as cleans, front squats, shoulder press, etc. Once the leaness is achieved the workouts should switch as well. Spend more time doing a more strength training approach. The 4 days a week of lifting weights would be appropriate here and all glycolytic activity can be stopped to maximize gains. Remember we always need to eat and train for our goals. Good luck Jeff and follow up with us to let us know how things are going!


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