Practice Makes Perfect

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Today got me thinking quite a bit about our daily workouts. We spent time today working on reflexive core strength by means of the single arm push-up. In fact for the last couple months we have been practicing redeveloping movement patterns as well as practicing our running technique.
In the past we would come to the gym and try to sweat as much as possable and push every workout to our limits. All we did here was practice compensatory movement and let our sweat convince ourselves that we got a good workout. With that said we had a lot of fun and di make some improvements. We got stronger and lost some weight, etc. But were we really stronger or just more competant in improper movement patterns? A lot of us developed achy joints and I know for myself I began to get burnt out. I am sure all of you coming to the gym could tell that! All we were doing when we went to the gym was “working out.”
There will be no more workout of the day or WOD posted, instead I am going to call our sessions the daily practice. Strength, speed, power, and movement technique are all skills just like playing an instrument. In order to get better at those skills we need to practice them and we need to practice them perfectly. The title of this post is a tad misleading. Not all practice makes perfect. Practicing improperly will not make you perfect. I had a coach growing up that would always tell us “you practice how you play.” This statement holds true for the gym. We go to the gym to practice for daily life or sports.
I want everyone to bring that frame of mind to the gym from now on. No longer do I want people to be in the frame of mind that “I am going to workout.” I want them to go there saying “Today I am going to get better at X.” In the end this will make us all healthier and better athletes.


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