Low-Fat Diets are the Bane of Our Existance

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Our government took a role decades ago to attempt to lower the increasing rates of heart disease we were seeing here in America.  This led to the Lipid Hypothesis in 1978.  This “study” led everyone to believe that cholesterol levels were causing heart disease.  Saturated fats were labeled as dangerous to our health and the emphasis of our nutrition was shifted to a high-carb, low-fat approach. 

This all came about after decades of treating obesity successful with what was known as the Banting Diet.  The Banting diet was a means of treating obesity by removing all sugars and starches from the diet.  This had amazing success and became a worldwide treatment of obesity.  Why did we decide to change nutritional standards?  The answer was in the rates of heart disease. 

Never  at any point did it cross anyone’s mind that maybe we were dying of heart disease because we are inactive, overeat, drink too much, stress about everything, etc.  Had to be the fat in our diet.  No studies to date have linked high cholesterol to heart disease.  The ones that made those claims have been widely critisized in the scientific communities and disregarded.

We have lowered the amount of fat in our diet according to data collected from the USDA.  We also suffer from fewer deaths related to heart disease.  Is this a derivative of dietary changes?  Hell no!  The advances in the medical community have allowed our doctors to better treat these issues.  In 2003 the deaths from heart disease dropped pretty substantially, but there was a 470% increase in hospitalizations for heart related issues!  Also, what is the first thing your doctor says when you arrive at your physical overweigt?  “Hey, you need to lose x amount of pounds.” 

This brings us back to treating obesity.  In the 1800s the Banting diet was successful in decreasing the amount of carbohydrates in our diet, so wouldn’t this be the appropriate response?  Eating a high-carb diet increases our weight, especially in the midsection, which increases our risk for heart disease!  This whole healthcare crisis we are facing in America makes absolutely no sense.  Since 1978 our government’s protocol has been; Let us decrease our heart disease risk by making us fatter.  This is purely genious.

Thousands of people around the world have attempted and succeeded in losing weight and decreasing body fat by following a paleo approach.  The paleo approach is a modern advancement of the banting diet which dates back to the 1800s , with success in driving down obesity.  Give it a shot for 30 days and help us prove the ADA, USDA, and other government agencies wrong.


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