Calorie Restriction May be the Answer to Obesity

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The Journal Of Cell Metabolism posted a study on MAy 17th that showed that mice eating in a restricted feeding window were protected from obesity, had better insulin sensitivity, and other important metabolic factors. Two groups of rats were fed the same diet. One group ate at will and the other was only fed during a restricted feeding window. Calories and food types remained the same.

This is an amazsing study. Granted mice may not react the same to calorie restriction (CR) as humans, but this shows some promise. For so many years we were told to graze throughout the day, eating 6 smaller meals. Now studies are proving this to be extremely ineffective at targeting weight loss. I wrote an article on Robb Wolf’s site where I site other studies as well as explain my results with eating in a restricted feeding window (

I would still be reserved in recommending this type of diet to clients. Undereating can be an added stressor that can actually have some negative impacts on our health and well-being. If stress levels, health, and diet are all inline maybe a little intermittant fasting may be what you need to put you over the top in achieving your performance and body composition goals.

Here is the link to the study:


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