Daily Posture

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

People go to the gym everyday to attempt to move better and get bigger, faster, and stronger.  The problem with this is how often are we in the gym?  3-4 hours a week?  Also, are we really making sure our workouts are geared to moving better or killing ourselves because we feel guilty about a poor dietary choice from the night before?

Our workouts need to be focused on correcting movement patterns.  It is the only way we will stay healthy enough to actually see positive gains in the gym.  Most people think of corrective exercise as a really low intense, physical therapy type stuff.  This is not the case.  In fact corrective exercise can be a lot more challenging then you think.  It is a way of selecting exercises in a progressive manner that begin with basic movement patterns and then continues to build upon them in difficulty and metabolic demand.  With that said our time in the gym can only go so far.

I train in a corporate facility where most people are stuck behind a desk for 8 hours a day.  This puts them in a position of the knees and hips flexed, lumbar spine flexed, shoulders abducted, and neck forward.  There is nothing good about this posture!  Due to sitting in this position for prolonged periods we see shortened hamstrings, hyperflexiable lumbar spine, elongated middle and lower traps, and elongated cervical extensors.  This can lead to knee pain, lower back pain, kyphosis (rounding of the upper back), and neck and shoulder issues.  If this person is coming into the gym and not doing exercises to help combat these issues he or she will eventually have increased pain and become one of the majority of us suffering from back and/or neck pain.

Another important question to ask yourselves is what position do you sleep in?  In an ideal world this is another spot that we spend about 8 hours in.  Do you sleep on your side with the top hip flexed and adducted (bent knee and resting on the bed or other leg)?  How are your shoulders positioned?  Does the top shoulder roll forward?  Is the bottom shoulder placed in abduction by your arm being placed out straight overhead?  

All of these things need to be addressed when attempting to improve movement.  Going into the gym and continuing to put yourself into compromising positions is dangerous and eventually will result in unwanted pain.  Be aware of your body positions throughout the day. 


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