Follow-up to JAMA Low-Carb Study

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The other day I posted a study that showed a low-carb diet lowered triglycerides, raised HDL, increased leptin and insulin sensitivity, and burned more calories at rest then a low-fat and low-glycemic diet. For some reason the media is using this to promote a low-glycemic diet as the “best” diet. For one, this study was not done to determine which diet is best. It was used to see why people tend to put weight back on after losing and also to track metabolic factors during the process.

One media outlet I was watching today said all the good things that the low-carb diet showed in the study, but then said in the long run it could lead to heart disease because it had the highest CRP (C-reactive protein). Any measure of CRP less then 1 is considered low risk ( All of the interventions were under 1 and the low carb diet was .87. How is this an increased risk for heart disease? CRP is in the safe zone and HDL were highest in the low carb diet, triglycerides were lowest, PAI-1 was lowest (arthrogenetic factor) which all decrease the risk for heart disease. I truly do not see the issue here. On top of that leptin and insulin sensitivity was greatest in the low carb diet meaning that the hunger response was more in control and you burn an extra 300 calories a day at rest! That is equal to a moderate intensity workout for about 45 minutes!

Cortisol was also high in the low-carb group because only 10% of calories were coming from carbs.  A typical paleo diet is around 30%.  Too few carbs is a stressor which is why I do not promote intermittant fasting with many people at allespecially obese, growing children!  Educating yourselves is key for the future of your health.


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