You Can’t Run Away From Poor Nutrition

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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More often then not people think in order to lose weight they need to exercise more. This idea is derived from certain authorities blaming our obesity epidemic on a more sedentary lifestyle, even though research continues to show this to be incorrect. Obesity is higher in poor socioeconomic areas and yet those people hold the jobs that burn the most calories. Another research study has shown the same thing

Researchers looked at the Hadza tribe, a modern day hunter gatherer group. The Hadza hunt and forage for all of their food. The typical American spends most of their time sitting behind a desk. They found that the energy expenditure between the Hadza group and Americans were the same! This is contradictory to people constantly saying that hunter gatherers burned 100’s of more calories a day then us and that is why they stayed lean.

Keep this in mind when starting a weight loss program. If you are not going to fix your diet you may be working hard for limited weight loss success. Exercise has many positive benefits, but as a weight loss program it continues to be ineffective.


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