Fruit Consumption

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This seems to be a hot topic in the paleosphere. How much fruit should one consume? A lot of times people remove breads and pastas and just substitute that for numerous servings of fruit. This is not the best idea. When we reach for food we need to ask ourselves why we are eating that food and not is this paleo? When I ask people why they are eating fruit they respond by saying they need the sugar and it is a narural for. This is true, but it is not quite so simple.

Fruit contains both glucose and fructose. The glucose we can metabolize as energy, but the fructose we cannot. Fructose is a poison to our body. It is immediately shoveled to the liver for detoxification. If our liver has room to store the fructose as glycogen it will, but once those stores are full we run into issues. fructose is converted into fatty acids and can lead to a number of things including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, small dense LDL particles, insulin resistance, and increased amounts of advanced glycation endproducts (
In this country our biggest intake of fructose comes from high fructose corn syrup, which should be avoided at all costs. HFCS wil lead to those issues mentioned earlier very quickly. Fruit does have glucose attached to it which makes the absorption of the fructose a little better. This means we can handle small amounts of fruit, but once we get over about 25g of fructose in our diet negative things may occur ( again we need to revisit the question as to why we are consuming fruit. If it is for the sugar there are better options.

Safe starches are a glucose without the fructose. Dr. Paul Jaminet explains in his book, The Perfect health Diet, that we need roughly 600cals of glucose to fuel certain cells. We can get some of this from protein and the rest from 75g to 100g of starch. Just consuming veggies and meats can be a stressor on our body. This is especially true for athletes and some that are metabolically damaged.

If we do not consume some starch and our blood sugar levels drop cravings can increase as well as our risk for mood disorders as most people that present with mood disorders have hypoglycemia. In the paleo world telling people to eat starch comes with some huge backlash, because it may not be pale. Again we need to ask ourselves why would we eat starch?

For one, it is a glucose without the harmful fructose. There are also cultures that thrive on starch such as the Kitavans. We also have adapted to eat starch and this can be seen by us having the amalyse enzyme present in our saliva. This enzyme’s main job is to breakdown starch (

When you breakdown starch versus fruit starch seems to be a better alternative. It is safer and can give us the glucose we need. Does this mean we need to eliminate fruit altogether? Absolutely not! There are numerous nutrients found in fruit, all of which can be found in veggies as well. The take home from this should be to limit your fruit consumption. Also, the fruits to consume are the ones that have a 1:1 glucose to fructose ratio or more glucose then fructose. I hope this clarifies some misunderstandings in terms of fruit consumption.

  1. wartica says:

    I agree ; getting a good balance between fruits and veggies is your best bet for optimal nutrition:)

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