Getting Back to the Basics

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Lately I have been getting bombarded with questions about diet. They have been consisting of what foods should I eat? Is timing of meals important? Should I eat breakfast? When is too close to bedtime to eat the last meal? I read this article…? I feel this is an appropriate time for us to get back to nutritional basics.

First things first, eat three meals a day consisting of roughly 20g-30g of protein from meat, fish, or eggs, with vegetables to taste, and added healthy fats such as grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and raw olive oil. Fruits and starches can be added in appropriately and adjusted for activity level. 75g-100g of safe starch per day is a good starting point. For those of you who think starch is the anti-christ please read Chriss Kresser’s article,

Eating 3 meals a day is more beneficial then eating 6 smaller meals throughout the day for most. There are some people, such as those suffering from hypoglycemia, that can benefit from the constant supply of blood sugar that frequent meals can provide. For the majority of us 3 higher protein meals a day will leave us feeling more satiated ( and better help us lose weight and control insulin levels and sensitivity ( Eat these meals when you can. Our lives are hectic and it is not always possible to eat at specific times. Just make sure that you get your 3 meals in. Not eating is worse then eating too close to bedtime. Also, eat slowly!!! Do not rush your meals, eat in the car, and if you can avoid it do not eat at your desk. Eating too fast may actually lead to obesity (

As for food choices, I think we all can agree that processed foods are bad for us. This includes grains, legumes, and pasteurized dairy. Most of us are not soaking and fermenting our grains and legumes. We are buying prepackaged boxes and bags of whole-grain breads and pastas. Regardless of the product saying whole-grain it is still processed ( Pasteurizing dairy products removes all of the beneficial probiotics. The nutrients left are fat soluble so when we drink skim or low-fat milk we are getting one big sugar surge. Raw dairy products have all the beneficial probiotics, higher amounts of nutrients, and the fat to absorb those nutrients properly.

Get some sleep! Blackout your room completely and go to bed 8 hours before you need to wakeup. Unless your job or your life truly depends on it don’t check emails before bed. Don’t drink too much caffeine to make up for the sleep loss. This can deplete key neurotransmitters and lead to anxiety and depression. Lastly, manage your stress. Learn to roll with the punches and if you can’t have a healthcare professional help you out. This is your life, don’t you want to make it the best quality it can be?

Our diets should mimic that of our paleolithic ancestors since these are the foods we have adapted with. Loren Cordain and Boyd Eaton explained how our diets have changed and how this has led to modern disease (

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  2. Love your posts. Thanks for the information & the sanity!

  3. Just breezed over your blog and I can’t wait to checkout more! Thanks for the kind words.

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