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Posted: February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Due to some overwhelming questions I have decided to write a quick blog post regarding proper programming for strength and conditioning.  The goal of any fitness program should be to become stronger, faster, and more powerful athletes.  How do we go about doing this?

Proper movement is the foundation of all athletic endevours.  It decreases injury risk and also the more efficient we are at moving the less energy that movement takes to perform.  You can get as strong and as fast as you want, but if you do not address improper movement you are building a house on a cracked foundation.  I am a big fan of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  This allows the trainer to assess any movement pattern issues and gives them a starting point to programming.  It also tells the trainer what movements should be avoided. 

This does not mean doing squats without weight, or lifts with lighter weights.  This is only encouraging more poor movement.  There are many well educated people in the field that can help you here and it is worth the money. 

Corrective exercise does not necessarily mean it is easy.  You can get a pretty kick-ass workout while correcting movement.  I understand chicks dig big bench presses and aren’t impressed with your assisted SLDLs, but they won’t be impressed when you’re hobbling around on crutches.

Once that foundation  is cemented in then you can start adding in more complex excercises to increase physiological features.  The most advanced being the Oly lifts such as the clean.  This is a means to add heavy weight to triple extension 9extending hips, knees, and ankles).  This should be done heavy for few reps.  They are not there to get you winded!  There is an excersise to get you winded, it is called sprinting.  try a 300 yard shuttle and tell me it is easy.

Med balls, and kettle bells are great tools that can be used to teach proper triple extension.  They are safe and extremely effective.  Running, jumping, and crawling excersises should be the staple of any fitness program.  This is what we do in any sport.  It may seem easy, but ask anyone at my gym how a couplet of continuous broad jumps and sideways crawls feels.

You should not feel like death at the end of every workout.  excersise is a stressor!  On top of all the stress we have on a day you do not need to overdo it.  We need the right amount of stress to come back stronger.  too little or too much will both have issues.  Puking at the end of a workout is not cool.  Puking should be reserved for the flu, food poisoning, and college parties.

Periodization is necessary to adapt.  Muscle confusion is absolutely ridiculous.  Back to the stress piece, you keep introducing new stressors and not allowing your body to adapt will only result in you becoming broken down over time.  Continuously introducing a stressor makes us handle it much better and makes us stronger, faster, and more powerful over time.

I hope this helps with some questions.  Excercise to move better, eat to lose weight, get your sleep, manage your stress, and do it all together to be healthy. 


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