New Direction for My Studies

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

After talking to someone at my fitness class this morning (you know who you are) I did some soul searching.  I asked myself where I would like to go with my profession.  I got into this field to help people and of course to make enough money to have all necessary things covered.

My new professional initiative is going to be developing a nutritional and lifestyle protocol for people diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease (HD). Treatment currently is inadequate and not acceptable.  After a positive genetic test the treatment is to wait until symptoms show up and then receive medications to help with those symptoms.  The treatments are also counterproductive.  Medicine will treat the depression associated with HD with SSRIs even though known neurotransmitter imbalances already exist due to the disease.

After reviewing the literature for quite some time I feel strongly that there is a solution to atleast prolong the onset of symptoms.  HD is unique in that it is not being selected against.  This means there is an evolutionary advantage to this gene selection.  The survival benefits of HD are minimal risk of cancer and increased offspring.  They are healthier and reproduce more!  The onset of the disease happens post-reproductive years.  This is when the advantage is no longer necessary because the genes have been passed on.

A lot of the issues with HD are associated with the diseases of aging.  Makes sense since the body has already reproduced.  Looking at the disease and the survival benefit have led me to develop a hypotheses that I will lay out in pieces over the course of time.  They will be detail orientated and link to all research.  Things to be covered will be the role of gluten and polyglutamine repeat proteins in the role of the disease, glucose metabolism and glutamine pathway issues, neurotransmitter imbalances, the decrease in DNA methylation that leads to an increase in trinucleotide repeats, and gut etiology as well as nutritional therapies and lifestyle modification that can prevent the defective gene from expressing itself. 

I have already reached out and received help from my awesome network of colleagues.  There is a lot of science to cover and a lot of potential options, but I feel confident a solution can be reached that can have great benefit to those given a  diagnosis that may leave them feeling hopeless.  I will be posting articles here as well as on the Paleo Solution Blog at (a welath of nutritional info can be found there!).  The first article on environmental enrichment will be published shortly so stay tuned!


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