Pantethine and Cholesterol

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I wanted to share some valuable data from the bloodwork of one of my recent clients.  For the sake of privacy we will call him John Doe.  John Doe came to me with concerns of his cholesterol levels.  Total cholesterol was at 309, LDL was at 237, and HDL was at 50.  John was placed on a paleo diet.  He was also placed on HCL for low stomach acid, L-tyrosine for low dopamine, 5-HTP for low serotonin, a total amino solution for additional amino acid support, and 2g EPA/DHA per day.  Lastly, for cholesterol John took pantethine which in studies has been shown to reduce total cholesterol by 10%-20% while increasing HDL by 10% to 38%.  ASfter 3 months John’s total cholesterol was 231 (a drop of 78 points), LDL was 148 (a drop of 89 points), and HDL was 67 (an increase of 17 points).  John’s total cholesterol to HDL ratio dropped from 6.18 to 3.44.  It was almost cut in half!  Less then 5 is minimal risk for heart disease and less then 3 is considered optimal.  John went from high risk to almost optimal in 3 months.  Some other things to note are that John was overtraining, stressed out, and eating low carb which may have led to some abnormal thyroid symptoms.  The combination of the pantethine and the thyroid regulation may have been responsible for this large drop and decrease in associated risk.


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