No More Acne or Anxiety

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Written by: Liz Mantey

Kevin’s greatest strength is his ability to listen. Even if you have reservations about “Paleo” or “Grain-Free” I would say put those aside to work with Kevin. For me, he was the first person who actually seemed to care about what I was trying to say. He doesn’t treat you as if you are the millionth person he has worked with. You aren’t a carbon copy of clients before you. He listens. I had problems with acne for years. Birth control and other pills specifically targeted at treating my acne helped but the side effects of those out weighed the fact that my skin was clear. Kevin was the first person who listened when I said I think medication is causing me to have anxiety. Every doctor I saw refused to believe me and the only solution they could come up with was to put me on more medication. After working with Kevin I found out why the birth control and other pills were helping my acne and how we could accomplish clear skin without medication. It has been almost two months since going off medication for my acne and thanks to Kevin my skin is still clear. Best part the anxiety caused by the medication is gone. I feel like myself again but with the improvement of clear skin. Kevin doesn’t just help with weight loss, mood issues, acne, or any other the other problems surrounding your life. He helps change your life in a way that is sustainable.


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